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exphar About


Exphar, a winning team !

Talented women and men ...

Performing and innovating, Exphar has imposed a new style in the pharmaceutical world.

Export minded, we are mainly based in the developing countries, where we give the best part of our talent. 
Whether in Africa or Asia, we always take into account the economic realities and sanitary conditions of the concerned population.

To conciliate the notion of profit with this of social dimension was a very daring bet. And we have achieved this bet with the help of our exlusive agents, distributors and our promotion team. Today we are a leading player in Health in sub-Saharan Africa.

Key dates

Created in 1983, Exphar specialises in EU and non EU exports.


In 1989 Exphar becomes a shareholder of Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and develops the concept of « sociality ».


Exphar starts commercialising its own socialities and Maloxine® is registered and sold in 4 countries of Central Africa (Nigeria, DRC, Rwanda and Burundi).


Exphar outsources the distribution for the FWA zone using the French firm Medicament Export SA and the promotion using the Swiss firm Soneprophar.


Our socialities are registered in 21 African, Asian and Central American countries.


Transfer of the registered office to Rixensart.


Building of our own logistic and pharmaceutical warehouse in Zandhoven (Antwerp).


EU-GMP certification.


All activities are transferred to our new building in Nivelles.



In May, 2015 our offices in Rixensart and are warehouse in Antwerp have been transferred to our new building in Nivelles.

We take advantage of a more than 1000 square meter area to store our goods.

A team of 4 members composes our logistic department : one Responsible, one Coordinator and two Warehousemen.

Exphar's partnerships :

MEDEX: Takes care of distributing our products in sub-saharan Africa
SONEPROPHAR: Is in charge with promoting our products
SAPP: African Company of Pharmaceutical Promotion
GRACURE: Our main manufacturer in which Exphar is shareholder
IBIS: Takes care of distribution in Burundi and Rwanda
SURGIPHARM: Exclusive distributor in Uganda
EXPHARLAB: Scientific office and local technical representative in Nigeria


Firstname Lastname
Chief Executive Officer

Anne Marie Martinez

Firstname Lastname
Administrator and Business Manager

Koen Smessaert

Firstname Lastname
Executive Officer

Fiona Deltenre

Firstname Lastname
HR - Financial and Accounting Manager

Frédéric Delforge

Firstname Lastname
Responsible Pharmacist

Pierre Helvenstein

Firstname Lastname
Pharmacist Qualified Person

Suzelle Magalie Gombe

Firstname Lastname
Pharmacist Regulatory Affairs Officer

Baptiste Deffrennes

Firstname Lastname
Regulatory Affairs Coordinator

Véronique Legrand

Firstname Lastname
Logistic and Stock Responsible

Hugo Van der Vennet

Firstname Lastname
Logistic Coordinator

Kenan Yetkin

Firstname Lastname
Warehouse assistant

Erick Anduce Morales

Firstname Lastname
Warehouse operator

Thomas Vancamberg


Operational and Trading Area

  • Management of West Africa / Training center
  • Representative offices
  • Subsidiaries
  • Exclusive agents

  • Charities

    Exphar brings support to two essential pillars: Youth and Education.

    "Lire pour agir"

    Located in Luozi "LIRE POUR AGIR" (Read to act) helps uneducated children, teenagers and adults to get the Knowledge, the Knowhow and the Behaviours through reading, writing and calculating.
    This will enable them to get involved in activities that generate both material and spiritual development.

    Ado Marius Foundation

    Strongly involved in promoting Health in Ivory Coast, ADO MARIUS Foundation is active in the following fields of activity: education, training and information of population, awareness through concrete actions, prevention of common and recent diseases.